What I Learned from My Sore Fingers and Pitiful Attempts at Following Someone Else’s Pattern

I think too hard, I over-complicate things and this is never more true than when I’m putting together a pattern. At the moment I’m working on my original pattern for the Round Rabbit, but I worry that I haven’t given quite enough instruction on the making up and that there just might be too much sewing in it. So I decided to take a rest and knit something designed by someone else for a change. I thought it might give me some perspective.

My lovely friend bought me a cool pattern book for my birthday it was Knitted Icons by Carol Mandrum. The finished toys look great, but they’re also heavy on the sewing, I picked out a Godzilla pattern and set to work.

Two days later, my fingers are sore from all the sewing, un-sewing and re-sewing and my Godzilla looks like the photo above. He’s a bit wonky and I haven’t got very far.

It’s an unusual pattern as the increases and decreases for the sides of the body are made from a chart and the left and right charts are not symmetrical with one another. I think this was where I made my first mistake. Thinking too hard I changed the charts to be symmetrical, which might explain why he’s so lopsided.

Or maybe this lizard looks a bit drunk because I didn’t sew him up according to the instructions, you’re supposed to sew the top seam first and then fit in the undercarriage part and sew that in. I was still thinking too hard when I decided not to do that, because then I wouldn’t be able to hide the back fin inside the seam. Of course this is twisted logic because I could have sewn the fin into the back seam first.

It’s not going to be pretty.

So I’ve made a mess of this pattern, But in my defense this pattern is referred to on Ravelry as a PITA; it’s not simple to follow and is missing a lot of making up instructions (this is a Rowan designer by the way, they’re notorious for making up instructions that say “just sew it together and stop whining”. Or something like that.)

Importantly, I’ve learned some things:

1. You can never have enough making up instructions. For my Round Rabbit pattern I’m even thinking of putting markers into the rabbit whilst you’re knitting it which will show you where the ears, feet and tail should go.

2. My patterns are pretty light on the sewing, yes even the spider with 8 legs to sew on. My hero for toys with minimal sewing is Cheezombie I will remember her work and endeavor to be more seamless in the future.

3. I think I know how I’ll make a short row Godzilla. I’ll add that to my design queue.


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