Same Stuff, Different Photos

Freckle fingers!

So I have spent a few minutes on Etsy recently, I’ve been making treasuries and relisting a few things which had expired. (I can stop any time I want, no really I can…see previous posts for details).

I needed to take some photos of  a new baby ball which I knitted ages ago, but haven’t listed yet, I thought I’d try something different. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so I did some experimental photos. I’m trying to keep the backgrounds as white as possible, but also offer some idea of scale. which is where the bird on a book photo idea comes from. Everyone knows what size a book is, so now you can see what size the bird is too.

I might change the rest of the photos, although I’m not sure I’ll knock myself out to do it. There are perfectly good tax reasons for being a hobbyist you know.



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2 responses to “Same Stuff, Different Photos

  1. zooeylovesbugs

    OH! That is the cutest birdie I ever did see!

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