Brilliant Balls and Bad Business

Everyone loves the Natty Knits alpaca baby balls. They’re the only thing I’ve ever listed on Etsy that’s made it to the front page.  And they get rave feedback:

I love this! Soft and perfect. Well made

Adorable! Noah snuggles with it. I dont think he quite gets the point of a ball yet but he loves the texture! Thanks!

This is just perfect as a baby gift. Great size and so soft! Plus, his toddler brother will be able to play with him with it safely – no risk of injury with this lovely ball! Beautifully made as well.

As you know I’ve decided to take a step back from Etsy though, so imagine my surprise when a lovely customer wanted to order one of the baby balls in a custom colour combination. Her colour choices are in the photo. I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s got a very good eye.

This yarn costs $10 per skein, it’s good quality alpaca, well spun and nicely dyed. I can make a lot of balls with 2 skeins, it depends on the skein and the weather etc, but it works out at around 9 baby balls for $20 worth of yarn. Excellent, the business thinking is still sound. Buy $20 of yarn, make $90 of product.

Except… I’ve already said that I’m not doing any more knitting for the Etsy shop.  So really this is $20 of yarn for $10 of product.

(bangs head on desk)

Etsy? I can quit any time I like. Really, I can.


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One response to “Brilliant Balls and Bad Business

  1. If you have those balls at a craft show or in any shop where people can touch them, they’ll sell like hotcakes! I think your $20 yarn investment will give you a great ROI! (but I may a bit biased)

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