Tips for Knitting Intarsia Squares

As the squares cushion is pinned out to get blocked I thought it would be good to share a few tips about how I got those squares so square.

Obviously swatch and do math and then test it first. I found that I could get the square for the overall cushion with the fantastically divisible numbers of 48 stitches and 62 rows. Which made the squares sizes much easier to calculate.

When knitting the blue square outlines, I decided to make up a bobbin of yarn and start knitting from the middle of the bobbin so that the sides of the square would each be a continuous piece of yarn from the bottom of the square.

Each side of the blue squares is just one strand of blue yarn picked up from the row below.

For the top and bottom of the blue squares. I knitted the blue part and then added a small bobbin of brown yarn to knit the rest of the row and then the next row to get me back to where I’d dropped the original ball of brown yarn.

Each time I knitted or purled a blue stitch for the side of one of the squares I would bring the blue yarn under the brown, knit one stitch and then bring the brown yarn over the blue. This is actually a Fair Isle technique, but it kept the stitches really even with very little pulling.

I attached the two sides of the cushion together at the tops with a 3 needle bind off, so that the top seam is neat and strong.

So now you have all the data you need to knit one yourself. Who needs a pattern?


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