Felting Knits

I have been felting my hug monsters with varying degrees of success, after my last attempt, which was frankly heartbreaking, I’ve decided not to recommend felting for hug monsters in the pattern. There are some other things that I would not recommend felting by this method. They are:

– Anything large. Anything over 5 inches in diameter should not be felted this way because there’s too much chance that only one side will be felted, but not the other.

– Anything precious. If you’ve spent hours on it and it doesn’t need it, don’t felt it.

– Anything with a man made fiber content as this is designed specifically not to felt.

With these warnings out of the way, I would like to point out that all my alpaca baby balls are successfully felted by this method as was this knit chick.

Felting is used to describe many different processes in the fiber arts. All these processes fluff up the fibers and shrink the yarn, making a softer and denser fabric. In this instance I am describing a gentle hot water felt using a washing machine. Here’s how I do it.

1. Find an old pillowcase and put the item inside it, then knot the pillowcase tightly closed.

2. Put the item and the pillowcase in the washing machine with some towels. This will help the item to move around in the machine more and get more evenly felted.

3. Choose your cycle. I use a medium wash cycle at 40 degrees centigrade (100 degrees F). It’s a 20 minute cycle with a spin and rinse. This gets me a gentle felt, so I can still see the knitted stitches, but the yarn is fuzzier. Like this:

4. Take the item out of the washing machine as soon as the machine stops and reshape whilst wet. Put the monster somewhere well ventilated to dry.


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