The Good, The Hard and The Ugly

I’ve been knitting a lot of cushions lately, they’re real stash busters and usually easy to knit in front of the TV.

Of course I just improvise the patterns, but because I’m knitting outside of my toy comfort zone, the results have not always been successful.

The Good is the striped cushion, knitted with two left over balls of Rowan Polar and some handspun I got for my birthday last year. I love the colour combination on that one and the zip sewed in surprisingly easily.

The Hard is the unfinished red Skull and Crossbones cover, another custom order. The pattern itself is not difficult at all, especially if your handy with intarsia colour work. What’s hard about it is that I’ve already made one of these, there’s no thrill, no race to see what it will look like and of course you can’t knit it in front of the TV, because there’s a pattern to read.

The Ugly is the purple monstrosity. What’s wrong with it? Hmm, what’s right with it would be a much shorter list. OK, the gauge is wrong, so the stitches are biasing, there’s not quite enough overlap on the button bands so it looks like it’s too tight, the top and bottom seams were done with fake grafting, which is not a tidy seaming method for bulky yarn and it’s much too big.

Well, one and a half out of three isn’t bad. Back to knitting bunnies I think.


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  1. I think you’re a bit harsh on the purple. A row of these would be a kitsch reminder of a slightly overweight Granny or something!

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