Hug Monster Alter Egos

One of the best things about designing patterns for toys is the creative interpretations that knitters make. Both the examples on this page were made by Wendy who generously offered to test the hug monster pattern for me and then made some fabulous felt features to really bring the monster to life.

The Diva, pictured above has a tendancy to blow kisses and call everyone “hon”. But my favourite is the raygun toting alien overlord.

He looks so mean, he looks so cuddly, he looks so like the cover of this 50’s pulp sci fi book, which was Wendy’s inspiration:

But he’s no match for the truly intelligent creatures of Earth:

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! And thank you so much to Wendy for letting me use her photos.

The monster pattern is coming along nicely, I’m just making one last one from the pattern to make sure it’s right and so that I can make some great monster faces too.

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