The Lure of the LYS

I have been resisting a trip to the local yarn store since December. It’s only a month, but it really has been a monumental effort.

On Sunday (just before the Superbowl) I finally cracked and went to Imagiknit for something soft, bulky and brown to knit into a throw pillow with this lovely blue stuff, which was hand spun by GobleWarming and has knitted up very nicely.

I went in, was assisted by the excellent and helpful staff, bought two hanks of this wool/alpaca/silk blend made by Mirasol . It’s extremely luxurious and has a slight sheen from the silk:

Job done, in and out and only spent…well it was a lot, but it was a luxury yarn and now I didn’t need to go back, right?


Obviously in my rush to leave the store and not spend any more money, I forgot to look at the yardage, yes, that’s right, I should have had three hanks. So later today instead of going running, I will be returning to the LYS for more of the same, oh and something to knit up a hug monster for the photos for the pattern, oh and maybe look at the cotton, I haven’t done much knitting with cotton and I’m curious about it.

It’s a slippery slope. A slippery, yarn filled slope.



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3 responses to “The Lure of the LYS

  1. oh, i love the color of the first one, second seems just so soft

  2. My New Year’s resolution was to try and work from my stash before buying any new yarn…HA! It lasted about 3 weeks and then I got some special orders so had to buy. Worse than potato chips!

    • nattyknitter

      I was there again yesterday!!! And now I need some circ needles, but I daren’t go there again. I’ll have to order them online.

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