How Much Information Do You Like in a Pattern?

I’m working on improving all my patterns (even the free ones), making them clearer and prettier, standardising the layout etc. It’s a big job and it’s taking a long time, but it will definitely be worth it.

But all this rejuvenation has left me with a tricky question to answer

How do I explain this to the knitters reading my patterns?

Most of the patterns are made with Short Row Shaping, but this technique is not well understood. Many of the short row patterns I’ve seen make no reference to what to do with the loop under the stitch where the “wrap turn” was made. I knit (or purl) into that loop, how do I explain this to the knitters reading my patterns?

Here are my options:

1. Leave the pattern as it is, with the notes in the Hints and Tips section informing the knitter that instructions for how to close the holes left by short row shaping are on my blog.

2. Change the main body of the pattern to instruct you to knit into the loops “slip loop and next st onto left needle. k2 tog.” or “k loop and next st tog” every time that’s needed.

3. Make a note about how to pick up the loops, at the start of the pattern, with reference to photos.

If there are any knitters out there with opinions, please complete the little poll below. Thank you!


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