SEO and Blogroll Springcleaning

Getting more Keywords into that title

This past weekend I’ve done a lot of work on the Natty Knits Etsy shop SEO (search engine optimization). It was a lot of work and I had a lot of help from Etsy and the lovely folks in the forums. It did actually work though, at least visitor numbers were up from last week.

For those of you not in the know about SEO, the idea is to make your website more easy to find by using the sort of keywords that a potential customer would use. At first I was a little disappointed that I would have to call a spade a spade and that “Knit Chicks” would have to become “Toy Birds”. But after some encouragement from Crochetgal and Peacock Jewelry I realised that I had a really big space to write the name of the item. So now knit chicks get to stay just that, but they’re also more easy to find.

Whilst I was standing back and looking at my handiwork I realized exactly how out of date my blogroll links were. I decided to put this right, so there are some new crafty and knitty links over there, some of the bloggers don’t  update very often, but when they do it’s good stuff, I promise.


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  1. I love your knit chicks! 🙂 ..and I wish you many visits from the sales fairy to reward you for all your hard work!

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