A Felt Too Far

I’m currently working on the pattern for a Hug Monster. It’s a big round fluffy wool ball with happy looking mitten like hands, like the photo above.

I always gently felt the wool monsters to make them softer and to help them keep their shape. Unfortunately my washing machine broke yesterday, leaving my latest Hug Monster (Rock) only half felted. I recklessly went ahead and put him back in the machine today (after it was mended). Of course it was too much felting and he ended up like this:

Either that’s his nose, or he’s actually a she and expecting some baby monsters.

Obviously there are some lessons to be learned here.

1. Stuff your monster well. I was actually running out of fiberfill when I stuffed Rock and so he may not have had enough insides, that would explain how he ended up so lopsided.

2. Does it have to be felted? I’ll be making some test monsters in acrylic fibers to see whether they can stand up to the rigours of being played with by a small boy.

3. Felt gently and only once.

4. Sometimes even knitted critters have a personality all their own.



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3 responses to “A Felt Too Far

  1. He’s kinda cute! In a monster-y way! Is that the yarn you posted about? I think it worked into a nice color that can be hugged and hugged and not show it!

  2. nattyknitter

    Thanks Teresa. I think he’s going to join the ranks of “not quite right” knitted toys in my son’s toybox.

    Time for the next attempt.

  3. julia

    tee hee – barbapapa! cute – x

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