The Trouble with Bulky Yarn

I have a problem with bulky yarn. I never remember to buy enough.

Looking at the photo above, you would not think I’d need *more* of this stuff, but it’s all in the weight.

A standard sport, dk or worsted weight ball of yarn has about 150 yards in it and this is plenty of yarn to complete the largest of my patterns to date. However with bulky yarn you simply need more of it to complete the same pattern and it often comes in smaller balls, as small as 50 yards. I need to learn that when I’m dealing with bulky yarn, just pulling one delicious skein out of the LYS sale section is only going to result in more balls of unused bulky yarn!

For example, right now I need 220 yards of bulky yarn to test knit a hug monster. I have all the lovely coloured yarns above, but only enough to knit it in this:

Nice yarn, in  a massive 460 yard skein. But it’s such a subdued and earthy tone, monsters should be more interesting colours, right?

Can I really justify another trip to the LYS?


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One response to “The Trouble with Bulky Yarn

  1. I like the gray/white – but brighter might be better for the hug monster. Could you make the arms a different (brighter) color and maybe add a stripe or 2 of the same?

    But a trip to the yarn store is so much fun! Go for it!

    (and thanks for adding me to your blogroll)

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