Natty Knits New Year Resolutions

Hello New Year

Personally I’m not very good at New Year Resolutions. But this year I’m making them for the Natty Knits business and here they are:

I will fine tune my pattern making process . All too often I’m rushing to finish a pattern, usually for some imagined deadline and somewhere in the process I manage to not make a tiny change. Two weeks later when the heat has died down, I find the mistake, kick myself and change the pattern. Then I have to tell everyone it was wrong, which is not very nice. So I will make a pattern protocol and I will stick to it.

I will do some marketing. This one still feels somewhat nebulous. A marketing plan is no mean feat and I am at a loss where to start. At least if I resolve to do it, I’ll be forced to stop hiding from it, probably.

I will stop trying to predict the future. You may have noticed that I’m always telling my lovely blog readers that a pattern is on it’s way (especially a free one). But the free patterns don’t always come. This isn’t because I’m telling you fibs or because I’m mean and nasty. It’s just because I don’t have the time to do everything I want. I actually get very excited about the free patterns and I can’t wait to share them, but there’s no point sharing them unless they’re right.

Will I be able to stick to these? Will the marketing plan simply be too much for my small brain? Will I be promising you a pattern I haven’t written, tested or photographed yet?

Only 2010 can tell.

Happy New Year!


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