How Will You Use Your Patches?

To celebrate the arrival of the Holiday Card Patches Pattern, now available on Etsy and Ravelry for just $2. I’m putting together a list of ways that people have already thought of to use these patterns.

Because knitters are often great inventors.

A Pin – one of the first people to give the pattern a heart on Ravelry put in their notes that this could be made as a “holiday pin” which it could. That’s actually what I was originally thinking of for these designs. Here’s a photo of my bag, which as you can see has a prototype heart patch pinned to it in a punk rock fashion:

Double Sided Tree Decorations – This idea came from the pattern tester SookiesOz on Ravelry, she used the double sided knitting technique to make a double sided heart for her tree, you can see some photos of how it turned out here (if you’re a ravelry user)

Gift Tags – When I first started talking about this idea on this blog, one of my regular readers suggested that the patches could be used as gift tags, they would look super cute on top of a parcel.

Flags/Bunting – This is my latest brainwave, to string some of them together in a horizontal line, like little festive flags. I don’t have many free patches that aren’t sewn to cards at the moment, but I’ll take a photo when I get the chance.

So how will you use yours?

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