I wasn’t expecting The Storque!

The Etsy blog, is called The Storque and this weekend I was honoured to be featured in it. Right at the top of the page! As you would expect everything went a bit mad, the Natty Knits shop picked up 50 or so hearts in a few hours, the views went through the roof and the item hearts went into the hundreds. I sold a few things and I answered lots of questions.

So to answer that question again. Yes, the Christmas Tree will be available as a pattern. I have asked a small army of testers to work on it and I’m awaiting their feedback. I feel as though something with this much exposure should probably be tested and tested again.

And thank you Etsy for giving my little business 15 minutes of fame!



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2 responses to “I wasn’t expecting The Storque!

  1. Congrats! That is a nice ‘pat on the back’!

  2. Bridget

    Well-deserved. That Christmas tree is ADORABLE!!!

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