Free Pattern. Gift Patch – Hints and Tips

This is a pattern, for a beginner knitter. It’s for a 2.5″ square knitted patch which can be attached to a card and given as a greetings card. It’s unusual, quirky and very handmade. And best of all the pattern is free from this blog, just download it as a PDF from the side bar on the right. This really is a simple pattern, but here are a few hints and tips, just in case:

Yarn Type

You could knit this pattern in any low gauge yarn, I can imagine that you would get some great results using sock yarn scraps, although using yarn any higher than worsted weight is going to make the patch too heavy and the card will fall over a lot.

Intarsia (or colour knitting)

A little square like this is an excellent first project to try out intarsia. I’ve blogged about intarsia techniques before, here . But for a complete beginner’s tutorial I recommend if you scroll down the page you’ll see the heading “How to knit with 2 colors at a time” and below that a video for “intarsia method”.

Making the Ribbon loops

When you sew the ribbon on to the gift, make a little bow at the top by making a loop of yarn and then sewing it into place with a few small stitches. Then repeat with a second loop. The small stitches actually look like a knot.


It’s knitting sacrilege to say this, but these patches don’t really need blocking if you sew them to a felt backing. Of course my patches are living proof that without blocking they still end up a little uneven and less than square, but I actually find that quite charming. You may disagree and you may have a toddler free household where knitting with pins in it drying flat on the floor isn’t a hazard. In which case, I say block away!

Attaching the Patch to the Card

I was astonished to learn that there are plenty of glue dots on the market that will glue fabric to card very successfully, ask for advice at your local craft store. However, if you wanted the patch to be re-usable you could sew it to the card and then glue a slightly smaller and contrasting coloured insert inside the card to cover the stitching.


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