How I Solved the Card Problem (with your help)

Just over a week ago I was wondering how I could improve my somewhat amateurish looking holiday cards. And thanks to your suggestions I think the cards look much better now.

I wanted to cover over the unsightly stitching where I sew the patches to the card and then I got a tweet from a nice lady in Colorado who advised using colour stock card with a white insert a 1/4 inch smaller all around the edge. She was right, it really does look more professional. She wasn’t the only one to think of layering though, so thank you to my regular readers Theresa and Donna, who also sent me thinking in the right direction.

Then I got into an in depth conversation about glue dots with FabricGreetings on the etsy forums, who was so generous as to offer to send me some! So I can still use the white card stock I had, by just sticking the patches directly on to the card.

And as soon as I’ve finished writing this post I’ll be writing up the pattern for one of the patches, I’ll add it to the free patterns side bar on Wednesday, then you can try these techniques out for yourself.


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