Short Row Shaping in Stockinette Stitch


I’ve already shared some short row shaping hints and tips with you, but those have always been for garter stitch fabric. It’s also possible to do short row shaping in stockinette stitch, although the results can be more uneven as you can see in the above photo and unless you are a knitter with tension like steel, you’ll need to do some adjustments.

Wrapping the Stitch

In order to turn your knitting mid row, you will need to wrap the stitch you are turning on, so that there isn’t just a big hole in your work. In stockinette stitch, the wrap goes like this:

(In a knit row) slip 1 purlwise, yarn forward, turn the work, slip 1 purlwise, yarn forward and purl

(in a purl row) slip 1 purlwise, yarn backward, turn the work, slip 1 purlwise, yarn back and knit


As you can see from this photo, that basically means that you are wrapping the yarn all around a stitch and you’ve transferred it from the left needle to the right and back again in order to do this.

Picking Up the Loops

When you knit back across a stitch you have previously turned the work on, you will need to pick up the loop made by wrapping the yarn around the stitch. Unlike with garter stitch short row shaping, where this stage is optional, stockinette stitch needs these loops picking up so that you don’t end up with little bars across your stockinette stitch vs.

These loops look different and need to be treated slightly differently in a knit or a purl row.

In a knit row, the looped around stitch will look like this:


You can see the little bar very clearly, you will need to knit into the loop and also the stitch above it at the same time, like this:


In a purl row the looped around stitch is less clear, you may have to rely on the look of the stitch, just as you get to it, it will look like this:


You will need to purl into the loop and the stitch at the same time, which will look like this:


And that’s all you need to know to make short rows in stockinette stitch.

Just a quick word of warning, the short row shaping patterns I’ve made available will only work in garter stitch. Stockinette stitch and garter stitch have completely different sized stitches plus the different methods of wrapping mean that the stitch counts will be wrong. That being said I am working on some stockinette stitch short row shaping patterns, they should be ready early next year.


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