Re-Use, Re-Use, Re-Use


The first of the hand knitted holiday cards is now available in the Natty Knits Etsy shop. The cards are made with small knitted picture patches that are then hand sewn onto eco-felt and then onto a card. It’s really easy to remove these patches from the cards so that you (or the person you’re sending it to) can re-use the patch.

Here are some ideas about how to re-use a Natty Knits picture patch, although I’m sure you’ll have ideas of your own:

Sew it on to a new card. Believe me, I don’t know much about card making, but sewing these patches onto the cards was easier than I thought it would be. Just remember to use stiff card and a sharp large holed sewing needle (sometimes called a candlewicking needle)

Attach a loop of ribbon and use it on a Christmas tree. Attach the loop at one corner so that it hangs at an angle, you can sew through the backing felt and avoid damage to the patch

Scrapbooking. Once again, I’m no Dawn Bibby, but I do know that scrapbookers could use brads to attach this to a Holiday themed page.

Frame it. OK, this one’s unlikely, but you never know.

Sew it on to a canvas bag. I have a canvas bag I carry around with me, a nice handbag does not stand up well to sandboxes and sticky remnants of chewy bars. I have a patch attached to the bag, it’s a heart. Because I heart knitting.

Add it into your own knitting. You could remove the felt and pick up the stitches along the edge of the patch to incorporate it into your knitting (although it’s not going to look great). Alternatively you could buy the patterns and knit them yourself. The patterns will be available to buy in a few weeks time and the little gift box patch will be free on the blog.



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4 responses to “Re-Use, Re-Use, Re-Use

  1. What a great idea. I may skip the card and just create the little gift-box patches and make them directly into ornaments. My knitting group does a gift exchange at Christmas and that little box would be a cute decoration on the real gift box!

    You are so creative – and generous to share the patterns!

  2. I love this idea! I just linked to it as part of my November blog spotting:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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