The Round Edged Corners of My Mind

Yesterday we went to the beach.

After a short walk and some digging for pretty pebbles I got the knitting out and finished off something that had been hanging around for a while.

But this didn’t take long and it was a very nice day. I didn’t have all my needles and supplies so I couldn’t just pick up the next thing on the list. So what should I knit now?

This is what I knitted at the beach yesterday:


It’s a swatch of a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It’s a bobble or a bubble (as it’s hollow) in various stages of bubbliness. It starts off slightly squashy at one side and ends up all nice and round, like this:


I can think of about a dozen ways to use this, but I think the first will be a cushion, maybe in Tardis blue as it reminds me of the inside of Dr Who’s time machine. You saw it here first.


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