How Long Does That Take You?

Hello, I'm a quick knit!

Hello, I'm a quick knit!

Earlier in the week, a nice person on twitter asked me how long it took me to knit Titan.

It’s an innocent enough question and one I get asked a lot. Some people think knitting is a mysterious and complex art and are surprised at an answer any lower than 16 weeks, other people are secretly wondering whether it’s worth their while learning to knit and making some easy money.

Of course the reality is somewhere inbetween.

I always answer with just the knitting time and that’s never more than 4 hours per item. 1 hour for a ghost, 2.5 hours for a knit chick, 4 hours for a particularly fiddly mini-monster.

But that’s not the whole story, there’s also:

  • thinking up the idea
  • perfecting the idea
  • forgetting to write the idea out as a longhand pattern
  • knitting something in the wrong yarn/colour/size and having to knit it again
  • finishing (I hate sewing things together)
  • felting
  • going back to my notes and trying to reconstruct the pattern

And even after all that, sometimes, it’s still not right. But that’s a blog entry for another time.


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  1. You are SO right! There is more than what meets the eye with knitting. And you forgot the years of practice it took when you first learned to knit. By the time we are knitting / weaving / handcrafting items for sale, there are usually many years of experience behind the scene! But it is a labor of love!

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