Goodbye Custom Project and Hello Custom Project

As I say a wistful farewell to the skull and crossbones cushion cover, winging it’s way across the Atlantic in my friend’s luggage, I also say hello to the next special order.

Titan was one of my monsters, she’s big, purple and always ready for a cuddle.

Titan1She currently lives at Jered’s Pottery in Berkely where she routinely gets patted on the head by passing customers. One such customer has requested a Titan of her own, in blue and I’m happy to oblige.

Of course, these things are never straightforward. Titan was knitted from Rowan Polar which is no longer available. I went to my lovely LYS yesterday and stood around for ages with the staff, all of us wondering why the obvious substitute yarn didn’t come in pale blue, we even flirted with the idea of dying it, but I knew that would just open another can of crafty worms, so I politely declined that suggestion.

So I’m going to try the Berkshire Bulky made by Valley Yarns, which I think are only available at They seem very reasonably priced and have the right ply, weight and fiber content. I will let you know how I get on, as soon as I’ve ordered some.


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