“Any Colour” Alpaca Baby Ball

I’ve done something interesting.

No, don’t call the cops, or social services or even the CPSC. It’s just an experimental Etsy listing.

I often get emails from potential buyers who want to know if I can make an item in a different colour. I always respond as promptly as I can (within a few hours) and answer yes. But then I never hear from the buyer again. I doubt very much that this is a malicious cherry knocking thing, I think it’s just that whilst they are waiting for my reply they have found some other pretty things on Etsy, well let’s face it, there are a lot of pretty things on Etsy.

So I made the decision to list an item in the shop which is completely customisable. It can be made in a different colour that’s available and would be ready within a predetermined time.

I chose the Alpaca Baby Ball for this experiment, it’s far and away my most popular item. But the original chocolate swirl baby ball was knitted from this beautiful undyed alpaca yarn which is only available in the UK, so I needed to find an alternative. Luckily my LYS (Local Yarn Store) was packed with answers, one of which was Blue Sky Alpaca.

It’s just as soft and fluffy as the original yarn, it felts just as well but it’s also available in all these colours:

alpaca colours

Each ball will take 2 weeks from time of order until it’s ready to mail to the buyer.

So does anyone need a custom made baby shower gift?



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2 responses to ““Any Colour” Alpaca Baby Ball

  1. You had me with ‘alpaca’! Customized colors is a great idea. I hope you sell bazillions of those baby balls! I’ll grow more fiber!

    • nattyknitter

      Thanks Teresa. Even if I don’t sell a bazillion of them (less or more than a gazzillion do you think?). I’m hoping to have the pattern ready to sell next week.

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