Last week, I added a free pattern to an exciting new sidebar widget.

I was so excited about the widget that I forgot to write about the pattern, which is for a Knitted Nest.

The Knitted Nest is actually a really good introduction to short row shaping, which is the method I use to knit round corners when I make all my little knitted critters. Short row shaping is knitted on straight needles and although it leaves little holes, this is actually a plus for the nest (for my other patterns I have a little tutorial about how to close those little holes).

The Nest is also a good test for my patterns. I know how annoying it is when you download a pattern and it’s not correct. In fact, this phenomenon isn’t restricted to patterns on the web, I’m not naming names, but a very popular knitting book has some terrible errors in the patterns and I’ve found incomprehensible instructions for sewing things together in patterns endorsed by household name yarn companies. This way if someone downloads the nest pattern (some people already have) and can offer me some constructive criticism, then I can apply that to the patterns I have for sale in the Natty Knits Etsy Shop.

You could use the Knitted Nest as a tiny knitted bowl, it looks really good when it’s full of chocolate eggs, although it’s a long time until Spring.

It also makes a great Love Nest, just the right size for two Knit Chicks Here’s how they look all snuggled up together:

newlovenest2So if you’ve knitted up the nest, you’ve found the pattern easy to follow and you’ve got the short row shaping bug, then I’d recommend you check out the Natty Knits patterns for the knit chicks, or the ghosts or even the spiders.

Spider Pattern Etsy PhotoPattern picEtsy Ghost Pattern photo

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