Free Knit Patterns – Coming Soon

Do you see that little sidebar widget over there?

Yes, that one there on the right, where it says “Free Knit Patterns”.

Well, that’s my new and improved way to share some free knit patterns, designed by me. OK, so at the moment it’s only a little knitted nest, but I’ve got big plans. In fact I’m planning to add one free pattern per month until the end of the year, here’s what’s to come:

August – Skull and Crossbones Cushion Cover

Cushion Cover

September – 10 stripe knitted ball, from a traditional pattern but with modifications by me, so you don’t have to felt it to make it round

October – A versatile baby hat with a chin strap and intarsia star designs

November – A Knitted Horn of Plenty (I’m not joking and it’s really easy too)

December – Holiday designs, for hand knitted Christmas cards and decorations

All of the patterns are in PDF format, you don’t need to give any details to download them and they all use the same format and high standards as the knit patterns for sale on including colour photo examples and full instructions for making up.


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  1. Hmmm, I may have to try making the ball when you get the pattern done. Not that I need to add another thing to my to-do list, but they do look really cute.

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