Here, There and Everywhere


Welcome to the new look blog! I think this format is clearer and crisper than the old one. I’m going to be adding some free knitting patterns soon and I wanted them to be easy to find.


Natty Knits products have been zooming around the internet this week. chose the Flickr treasury to go on their blog and I made a very vain spotlight there to highlight the amazing achievement of 9 different kinds of knit chicks in the etsy shop.

knitchicks spotlight

and Everywhere

But that’s not all, the lovely FreshPickedPaper featured me on her blog earlier in the week and there are also photos of me and my knitting on the Facebook page for the Poetry Society’s Knit a Poem project.

I’ve also started to work more diligently on taming the labyrinthine complexities of If you’re on Ravelry, you can see my little patterns page, just here

Watch out for my projection of a knitted pumpkin head onto the moon next month. Only joking…or am I?

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