Imagiknit. Possibly the best Yarn Store in the World?

Yesterday I went to my local yarn store in San Francisco, it’s called Imagiknit

I don’t have any photos so I’ll just have to use words to try and describe how great this store is. Here goes:

I love the way it’s laid out…Two large rooms, one for man made fibers and one for wool and wool blends, organised by yarn weight from the finest laceweight sock yarn in one corner then round three walls and under the window to super plus extra chunky.

I love the bargain section…That’s right, section, not a basket with a few neon coloured textured yarns in it. But two whole sections, one for acrylics and one for natural fibers.

I love the glass counter top…What sort of wool shop would this be without a glass topped counter. These people are obviously professional.

I love the selection…So many different yarns, in different colours and weights. Some big name brands and some tiny local artisan yarns.

I love the staff…I have asked these people a lot of stupid questions, like “what colour is queen’s robe red?” or “show me an equivalent for (insert UK name brand here)” and not once have they ever looked at me like I was crazy. Whenever I go in to the store with my 2 year old, he makes straight for Kurt in the acrylics room and talks his ears off about trucks. Kurt doesn’t mind at all. Which is brilliant. They also have  a box of toys just behind the counter, which keeps my toddler engaged for long enough for me to find what I’m looking for.

They run classes, they sell finished items, they have patterns and needles and notions and their stock is even reasonably priced.

I think it’s easy for a yarn store to go wrong, either it’s well stocked but the staff are snooty, or there’s nothing on the shelves, or the whole store looks like it’s owned by Patons. So Imagiknit I salute you for getting it right and for being on my doorstep. Thank you.


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2 responses to “Imagiknit. Possibly the best Yarn Store in the World?

  1. Your LYS sounds wonderful – I’m jealous! Although I rarely buy yarn (and then only alpaca to make items to sell) I do love to browse and touch and oooh and awwww. It is inspiring too.

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