Fun Finds on Flickr

flickr treasury

Last week I started poking around on Flickr. I found these lovely things and made a treasury out of them which was on Etsy over the weekend.

There are two reasons why I’ve always been sceptical about Flickr. Firstly I’m not a great photographer (yet). I’ve taken some pretty good photos recently, but a lot of that has to do with luck. Imagine my incredible surpriseĀ  when someone else admitted to getting fluke light (isn’t that a beautiful shot?). And secondly Flickr is very strict about not adding shop links to your photos in the descriptions or titles.

However, after a bit of research the benefits of being active on Flickr do seem to outweigh the disadvantages. Here’s what I’ve found out:

1. Upload at least one of the product photos for each new Etsy listing. Tag the product photo with various descriptive words, but also use “handmade” and “etsy”.

2. Make sure your etsy URL is in your profile and ONLY in your profile

3. Poke around in handmade groups and find some new friends/potential christmas gifts.

4. Show a different side to your product, something which would not work as a product photo, like this (I am very taken with these robofish, but they are for sale on Etsy separately, this fantastic photo wouldn’t be appropriate on Etsy, but it really showcases the fish on Flickr).

5. Join Groups. Most of the Flickr groups are not exclusive or juried (phew – see earlier rant). And there are hundreds of thousands of groups about your craft, what you make, who you make it for, when you make it. The mind boggles. Every new image you upload needs to go into at least one group, possibly even in several groups.

6. Flickr is also a great venue for showing customers what progress you are making on their custom order, or for discussing technique with other crafters.

7. And as always with these promotional/networking sites. You need to keep working on it, putting up a few photos and walking away will not make you any new friends. To that end, here’s my Flickr Photostream, please feel free to add me as a contact and I’ll take a peak at how you use Flickr too.

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