“Having trouble getting airborne?”

(Or, sometimes I need to slow down)

In the last three and a half weeks I have listed 17 new items for sale in the Natty Knits etsy shop. I’ve had some lovely comments about the new stuff, a record number of views in one day, I even made it to Etsy’s front page for half an hour. And yet, I haven’t sold a thing.

Somewhat grumpily I turned to my husband on Sunday night and told him that I felt like giving up the handmade toys business and taking up something easier, like lion taming or base jumping. Luckily my husband is very sensible and had a great suggestion. He suggested that I do less. Slow down a bit.

It’s sometimes difficult for me to remember three fundamental things which have much more influence over my sales than how many hours I hang out in the etsy forums or whether or not I’ve blogged a “How To” this week. Here are those fundamentals:

1. I have yet to market Natty Knits products to my target market. In fact I’m still researching the target market and building up a marketing budget.

2. The shop isn’t really ready yet. I’m close; the photos are looking good, but I still have descriptions to update and a few price points to cover and I need to join some more teams.

3. This is not my day job. My day job is to nurture, love, protect, teach and expand the mind of a two year old boy. This is a much better job than marketing or knitting, although it’s also more tiring.

So the next time I’m worrying about Ravelry or Flickr, I may just step back and consider whether I’m ill equipped to be flying around without my fundamentals in place.

The title of this blog post is taken from the Tim Turnbull poem “Trouble Taking Off” which is reproduced here http://www.barcelonareview.com/22/e_tt.htm


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2 responses to ““Having trouble getting airborne?”

  1. Oops…messed up and posted this one in the Martha one…it’s really supposed to go here!

    Love the blog post and I agree with hubby! Just slow down and do what you love to do…
    One suggestion to help with “target audience”
    do you ever submit your blog posts to blog carnivals that would target your niche? You have really cute designs.
    And yes, everyone is holding onto their money, so continue to nurture your 2yo and during a nappy time, spruce your shop as if getting it stocked for the Christmas rush.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines the past few days as I found myself on the ‘puter too much this week. 🙂 So I’m scaling back for a few weeks and focussing on some sewing projects I’d like to work on.
    Great post!

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