Martha and Balls

Martha Stewart. What I know about her I could write on the back of a stamp. She’s the handmade guru; the queen of kitsch; America’s last great homemaker; a convicted felon and a billionaire.

Whoever she is, Etsy is working with Martha Stewart Weddings on a contest to find a craft to feature on the Martha Stewart TV show. I entered my Knit Chicks in a Lovenest and although they don’t stand the first chance of being picked, I feel that just having a photo on this massive craft website is a plus.


There has been some concern voiced in the Etsy forums about the small print for this competition, which like many others I’ve seen can be understood as they will own your product, your pattern and your first born. I can’t help sharing these fears, after all multi-national corporations didn’t get where they are today by playing nicely and helping the little guy catch a break. I look at it this way “as seen on Martha Stewart” isn’t such a bad thing to label your product with.

And speaking of labeling products, I was contacted by a very nice lady from Pennsylvania last week about a consignment order for the alpaca baby balls.


I would have loved to say yes, but unfortunately the toy labeling laws for soft toys sold in Pennsylvania are too expensive for me to comply with at the moment. That made me a bit sad. Nevertheless, I’m currently experimenting with how many of these I can make from one skein of yarn and whether this is still a profitable product. I just have to knit till the yarn runs out. Which reminds me, what am I doing here blathering about Martha? I’ve got knitting to do.


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