Baby Hats Treasury

I just made an Etsy Treasury of cute little babies in cute little hats.

baby treasury

And what has inspired the usually not so fluffy me to make such a treasury of innocence and cuteness? Unfortunately it’s a reaction against some of the Etsy teams. There are always strange people in the forums, most of them think they’re still in High School and find it difficult to think outside the clique, but I was a little surprised to find that there are some Etsy teams you can’t join if you’re a knitter. I will name no names, even though they’re hardly likely to look at this. It seems so utterly petty and annoying, so I turned to the lovely Etsy Knitters team and found awesomeness almost instantly.

So there.


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3 responses to “Baby Hats Treasury

  1. I left a comment on New This Week, but I meant to leave it here. But I also like your little ghostie on new this week!

  2. They are so cute! I’m so jealous I have no baby to model my things or to buy cute hats for. The sleeping baby in the green hat is an incredible shot!

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