New This Week

It’s week three of my “post something new every weekday” challenge. The Natty Knits shop on Etsy now has 32 items in it.

Here’s what I’ve added this week:


This ghost has been knitted in an angora blend yarn and the fluffiness makes him seem as though he has a spooky glow. He’s a very soft ghost, I hope he gets some attention at halloween.


The latest of the big knit chicks, this is absolutely my favourite bird yet. The photos capture his colour really well, it’s such a beautiful purple. It’s also nice to be moving away from pastel colours for the knit chicks, it means that he can have black and white eyes, which make him look much less melancholy than his pastel pals.

Etsy Ghost Pattern photo

My new pattern! I’m always super excited about the new patterns, I really do put so much effort into getting them right. So far I’ve only sold one though. I’m hoping that because this pattern is only $2 that it might attract some more attention. Knitting Patterns will actually be the focus of my post-holidays shop, I’ll be expanding my range and selling patterns on ravelry as well. But that’s for the new year.


An old pro performer once told me to never apologise to your audience. Which is definitely good advice if you’re singing  jazz in a bar in North London. However, when it comes to these photos I would like to apologise on behalf of the light in San Francisco. It has been cloudy, foggy and drizzly for the last week and getting clear, bright product photos has been nigh on impossible. This is the best I can do. Tomorrow, I intend to drive somewhere with daylight and set up my light box outside to get some better photos. It would be lovely if I could show you now what a beautiful pale green colour this tree really is, but that will have to wait till next week.


And my blackbird (once again, stupid cloudy weather, making the picture so dark). But how cute is this guy? His face is a bit wonky, so he has a real baby bird look to him. Awwwww.


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2 responses to “New This Week

  1. There are teams you can’t join if you’re a knitter? That is absurd! Well, I head Hoarders Unite team, and we welcome all. I am also a member of EcoEtsy, and have never found negativity there. So, at least there are two more groups you might find friendly. I love this treasury!

    • nattyknitter

      Thanks Sinclair. I’ve had nothing but good vibes and brilliant advice from the Etsy Knitters, I value them very highly.

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