Ghost Pattern – Hints and Tips

Etsy Ghost Pattern photo

New in the Natty Knits shop today is the knitting pattern for these delightfully cuddly ghosts. Here are some hints and tips to help you get the best results from this easy and affordable pattern.


As with all my patterns, you can use different wool weights, with great success. I’ve made a large ghost using some Lamb’s Pride Bulky which is particularly cuddly. Please be sure to use slightly smaller needles than those recommended for the yarn, this will give the finished ghost some rigidity when he’s stuffed.

How to Close the Holes

The Ghosts are knitted using a technique called Short Row Shaping. This involves turning the knitting around before you’ve knitted to the end of the row, so making the knitted fabric three dimensional. However, when you turn the knitting, you leave a small hole.  There’s a special blog post on how to close the holes and get a smoother finish just here

Sewing the back seam

The following method is an excellent way to sew a top to bottom garter stitch seam if you need it to be nicely hidden. The basic method involves weaving the yarn in and out so that it goes directly over the existing stitches in the knitting. Here’s a diagram:

Sewing Top and Bottom of Garter StitchThe important thing to remember when using this method is not to pull the yarn tight as this will just make a nasty mess. It’s a delicately balanced operation, but simple with practice. The ghosts have a one stitch wide stockinette stitch ridge at the bottom and this can be sewn together using a usual fake grafting stitch.

Sewing on the Features

I always cut the eyes out freehand, however, I’ve had a lot of practice and it was certainly labourious and frustrating to do it that way when I started. Another option is to use buttons or use some paper, draw around a button of the right size, cut it out and use it as a template. The zig-zag mouth works well for the ghost, but if you’re an accomplished embroiderer you may want to try something more interesting like an O shaped mouth or some sharp looking teeth!

If you have any further questions or comments, please contact me through the Etsy shop and I’ll try to help you out.



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2 responses to “Ghost Pattern – Hints and Tips

  1. Love the ghosts – especially the pacman ones. The short-row tutorial is great too. I’ve always hated doing shaping in knitting because I’ve never really mastered short rows. I’m inspired! Thanks!

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