Festival Fun

I made a treasury at the weekend, unfortunately it’s expired now, but I had so much I wanted to say about it that I thought I’d show it to you here.

Festival Season

In case you hadn’t guessed this is a festival inspired treasury. I love music festivals. They really appeal to my inner muso. So many styles of music in one place means there’s something for everyone and the music is only part of the fun, the camping, the food, the beer, the mud, the toilets, the food, trying something new, the entertainers, comedians, poets and circus performers are all an important part of the festival experience.

Your first consideration is always the weather; at Glastonbury festival, it’s so changeable that in one day you’ll need wellies and after sun. You need to know what to wear too, those designer jeans won’t last 5 minutes in the great outdoors. For a few years my festival get up was DM boots, stripy tights, cut off jeans shorts and a big white shirt, with optional yellow light weight waterproof jacket. One of these would have been just the perfect accessory. Then once you’re prepared you need to choose which stage you want to start with, do you want to see the Superstar DJ or the Old Pro, who’s set will be a real sing-along?

A friend and I have tickets to Outside Lands in San Francisco next month and although it won’t be as alternative as Burning Man or as Mega-Star packed as Woodstock I’m still really looking forward to it.


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