What’s New This Week?

Well, I have a cold. Which has slowed me down considerably this week. However, I’ve still managed to list one new thing every week day in the Natty Knits Etsy shop this week. Here’s a quick look at what’s new:


This large cuddly pumpkin head made quite a splash this week, simply because his photo is so good. I’m afraid it was a bit of a fluke though as now the sun is not shining I can’t replicate this lovely style. He was even on the Etsy front page very briefly last week. I am very proud of him and his photo.


A pink and red washable baby ball and when I say washable I really do mean, shove it in the washing machine with dirty clothes and then reshape when wet. Someone bought one of my balls this week and sensibly pointed out that an older sibling could play ball with the baby and no-one would get hurt because the balls are so soft. That was some lovely feedback.


BOO! I love the little ghosts, I think they came out very well, I especially like the way the edge at the bottom is slightly wobbly. I’m just working on the photos now so that I can get the pattern for these into the shop in the next few weeks. They’re a very easy knit and so cute too.


Another Knit Chick. We’ve seen so many of these on the blog now that I thought I’d show you his bum. There was a bit of excitement earlier in the week when the lovely ennadoolf thought she’d seen a knit chick hanging from a car rear view mirror in a commercial. It turned out that it wasn’t one of mine, but I’m obviously “on trend” with this guy. As always if you have a colour request, please let me know and I’ll knit you a special order in sky blue pink with a yellow border.

midtreeonw1O Little Christmas Tree! The colour isn’t quite right on this photo. The tree is actually much greener than this and the red and cream flecks make it very interesting and tree like. I love the tweed yarn that this tree is made of. It seems so natural and ideal for making trees.


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