A Custom Bunny

Last weekend my view from the kitchen sink window looked like this:

Bunny Bum

and that’s because the custom blue bunny was drying on the windowsill on the other side of the light well. Here’s how he looks from the front:


I am really pleased with him and the customer likes him too. He’s the largest bunny I’ve made yet, his legs make him 6″ long, he’s been sewn together washed and then any loose parts were sewn on again to make him as baby proof as possible. He’s machine washable and very soft.

I’m going to add him to the list of custom critters I’ll reknit and put in the shop as soon as I have time.

Of course, the bunnies are a lot of work (I do the sewing, but I don’t like to do the sewing) and there’s still a pink one in the Natty Knits shop who’s looking for a new home. But he’s just so cute. Here’s some more pictures of the cuteness.




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2 responses to “A Custom Bunny

  1. OMG He’s absolutely adorable!!

    • nattyknitter

      Thanks! One day I’ll make up the pattern for bunnies in three sizes, then you could knit one yourself…hmmm, I really hate to do the sewing 🙂

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