Treasury West Test

On Friday morning, I was awake early, so I turned on the computer and made my usual rounds checking email, google analytics, was I in a treasury? (No, by the way, I am not often in treasuries, I like to check though). Then I noticed that the Etsy Treasury West was about to open up.

I love to make treasuries on Etsy, I love picking just the right things, I love telling the makers that I’ve chosen their item and I love it when I have an idea for a treasury theme. But I’ve never done a Treasury West before. It’s a “test” or so it says on the bottom of the screen. There are no links to it anywhere on the Etsy home page and the only way you’d find out about it would be in the forums or from other Etsy sellers.

I thought about it for a while, then because a space was available and I had a treasury all ready to go I submitted my treasury to the “T West” list. And here it is

liam treasurySo I upload my treasury and then suddenly everyone else was awake and I was changing nappies and dishing out juice and cereal. When I came back to the computer later in the day I looked at my slightly sad treasury viewing figures:

5 views, 12 clicks, 1 comment

Not a big surprise as I hadn’t even so much as twittered about it. One of the Makers featured had found that they were in the treasury all by themselves, so hats off to theanecdotes for being on the ball.

So then I wondered what would happen if I didn’t promote the treasury? Would anyone else find it? Time to do some testing. I left the treasury for 24 hours and when I came back the viewing figures hadn’t changed.

So I twittered about it and an hour later, the figures looked like this:

11 views, 12 clicks, 4 comments

Slightly better, then I sent messages to the Makers in the list and when the treasury expired last night the figures looked like this:

23 views, 27 clicks, 9 comments

In the end five of the Makers left comments.

And what did I learn from this impromptu test?

–  Never leave your tresury unattended, it’s a wasted promotional opportunity

– 13 heads are better than one.  Judging by the leap in views after I told the Makers, I think this is self evident. I have heard rumours that some people think that telling someone their item is in your treasury is considered to be spam. I don’t think so, in fact if you don’t tell the Makers you’re doing your treasury a dis-service.

– I’m not the only one checking the craftopolis treasure hunt every day

And, one last thing. A Treasury West listing at the weekend is always going to have a low response, which is what made it perfect for the test. A Main Treasury during the day time on a Monday would probably be the most effective way of picking up ambient traffic.


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  1. So that’s what a treasury is for! Never thought of it as an advertisement tool. Maybe I’ll try it one day.

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