Day 5

With all the extra stock I knitted for Claystock I’ve decided to list one new item per weekday in the Natty Knits etsy shop. This means that this week I’ve hit the fantastic goal of having TWO pages of products in the shop.

Here’s some photos of what’s been listed this week:

Robin Red Breast

When I listed this robin, it occurred to me that there may be a sports team called The Robins, apparently there’s lots of them Altricham, Bristol, Cheltenham, Evesham, Ilkeston, Swindon Football clubs are all known as The Robins, as well as Hull Kingston Rovers (the Rugby League club). So do you know anyone who supports The Robins?

Big Blue Bird

Big Blue Bird is here thanks to my best customer, who custom ordered the large raven. I think the big ones look great and the really great thing is that they’re child friendly because the beak is no longer small enough to be swallowed!

Pumpkin Head

Mr Pumpkin Head here has already proved to be very popular on Twitter. I hope that every pumpkin Head I make this year will be slightly different. That’s going to be a challenge, my embroidery skills are simply not as good as my knitting skills.

Woolly Ghost

Oh Woolly Ghost, no matter how much he practices he’s still too cuddly to spook. This guy is actually made with a yarn remnant left over from the first ever sweater I made myself. It’s not a good sweater. I suppose revisiting your first knit is a bit like admitting to the first record you bought (by the way mine is “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” in my defense, I was 11 years old and a massive Midge Ure fan). All of this has nothing to do with Halloween which is when, I suspect Woolly will be very popular.

Grab Ring

And today’s listing is for the baby blue grab ring. I’ve had my doubts as to whether this is really a practical baby gift, but contrary to popular belief, not all babies chew things and all babies like to grab stuff and wave it around, it’s actually in support of the new parents that I decided NOT to include a rattle. I suppose the best thing I can do is put it in the shop and see if it sells.

So that’s week one. Plenty more goodies to come next week.


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2 responses to “Day 5

  1. I saw a commercial on tv last night and the guy was driving in a car, and he had a small knit bird hanging from the rear-view mirror — I thought of you right away! I wondered if they bought it from you! But I didn’t get a very good look at it. I wish I could remember what the commercial was for!

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