Berrocco Comfort vrs Sirdar Snuggly

or The Acrylic Yarn Face Off!

I love washable yarn, as someone’s Mum it’s the answer to the wearability prayers. But it’s got to be good stuff. I’ve knitted with some terrible acrylic, some of which smells like plastic and some of which feels like knitting with the sound of nails on a blackboard. But there are two acrylic mix yarns which I come back to again and again. Both are 50% acrylic and 50% nylon and yet there are some substantial differences.

acrylic yarn

Sirdar Snuggly (top) Berrocco Comfort DK (bottom)

Sirdar Snuggly is one of the best selling yarns in the UK, it’s a 4 ply double knitting yarn which comes in approximately 50 shades and is incredibly resiliant to machine washing. My son has a hooded cardigan I knitted for him and he’s been wearing it (with or without the sleeves rolled up) for over a year now.  It has pilled slightly under the arms and the yarn has been pulled where it catches on the velcro of his sun hat, but otherwise it’s still looking good.

I love knitting with this yarn. It has a brushed effect which make it seem extra fluffy and adds to the loft which most acrylics don’t deliver.

However, Sirdar Snuggly does suffer from inconsistency in yarn weight, especially in the darker colours, when it sometimes feel as though you’ve dropped right down to lace weight. And the big disadvantage for me is that it simply isn’t available in many places in the US. You can buy it in all the colours at Yarnmarket, but otherwise you usually only find it in blue, white and pink.

Berrocco Comfort DK was what my local yarnstore pointed me to when I asked them for a Sirdar Snuggly equivalent. I’ve been knitting some of my most recent toys with this yarn and although I was initially skeptical, it’s really won me over. Once again it comes in approximately 60 colours, but unlike the Sirdar, it’s readily available all over the US and very reasonably priced. It’s a very consistant yarn, both in the dye batches and in weight. This is also a 5 ply yarn, which gives it extra strength and makes it great for knitting toys.

However, I’m not sure I like the no-nonsense, see every strand stitch definition of the Berrocco which means it doesn’t have the same fluffy plushness of the Sirdar when knitted up. Having said this, the Comfort sport weight is luxuriously soft, even without the fluffiness.

I’ll happily knit with either of these yarns and because of availability I’m about to switch to the Berrocco. Of course if someone wants to bring me some Snuggly when they come to visit…cough, cough…hint…in greens and purples and orange…hint….cough.



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4 responses to “Berrocco Comfort vrs Sirdar Snuggly

  1. These are both beautiful yarns! I’m envious.. Sidar yarns can be so difficult to find in the USA!

  2. I have found Comfort while beautiful unravels and splits into its component strands. The sweater on which I am still knitting has several snags already. Wondering what it will look like after its male recipient wears it for a while

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