Ready for Claystock

claystock case

Customs Officer: Anything to declare Madam?

Me: What, apart from my genius?

CO: I didn’t ask for a joke, Madam

Me: Err, OK. How about a bag full of top quality hand knitted goods?

CO: Unless these items are stuffed with something illegal, they do not need to be declared through customs.

Me: They are stuffed with love.

CO: (Rolls eyes) And why are you going through customs anyway? Claystock is only on the other side of the bay.

Me: This joke went on too long didn’t it?

CO: And it wasn’t funny.

Me: Busted.

I am giddy with excitement, because tomorrow is Claystock. Pottery, Jewelry and knittery. Live music and a chance that I might even make some money and sell some stuff.

I feel as though I’m prepared, but who knows what will happen. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

*******SATURDAY JULY 11th 1pm to 6pm – CLAYSTOCK********
Beautiful ceramics, hand-made jewelry and natty knitted novelties. Featuring the music of Joe Kady and Jay Nelson of the Jacks. Music begins @ 3pm.
At Jered’s Pottery, home of Cloud West, 2720 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA


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