What I Learned from Monster Big Brother

For the last month I’ve been writing the Monster Big Brother blog

I wrote 159 blog posts over 25 days, oversaw 3 eviction processes and promoted it on Etsy, Twitter, Facebook and Ravelry. The GA figures are really good and I really feel as though it made a small impact. Because I’ve got nothing to hide here are the figures from June 12th (when I plugged analytics in) to July 5th:

903 Visits
316 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,727 Pageviews
1.91 Average Pageviews
00:03:11 Time on Site
70.65% Bounce Rate

I didn’t sell anything from my Etsy shop during this time, so the gain has been purely in blogging experience. I think I’ve learned a lot. And here’s a summary:

About Blogging

I’ve always thought that a very specifically targeted blog works better than random musings. I think Monster Big Brother proved that.

Some people loved it and came back again and again, but even more people came to look and decided it wasn’t for them. What I’d done is make that an easy decision for them. If someone came to the MBB blog it was instantly obvious what was going on there. If you took a look at (for example) this blog you might find a crafty “how-to” or some knitting tips, or me waffling on about reality tv or children’s books or the last thing I knitted. It’s a mess. But more than that it’s hard to attract my target audience when I keep pitching my posts all over the place.

About Blogs

I hate to admit it, but blogger is better (sorry wordpress, you’re very stylish, but ultimately not very satisfying). Blogger is more versatile, less frightened of making money and let’s face it, the followers thing rocks my socks. I love the future scheduling for blog posts, (although it’s been broken for weeks!) and as wordpress becomes even more buggy, with posts not publishing when requested, I’ll be moving. I’m just not sure when.

About my Writing Skills

My imagination is excellent and my general execution is good, but my characterisation is awful. This point is no use to you, but it’s a reminder for me when I go back to the novel one day.

About Monsters

For the whole 25 days, only one of the thirteen monsters was sold. And I know that the lucky seller regularly sells at sci fi cons. I think the lesson here is monsters don’t sell on Etsy.

About Time

I’m always moaning about how little time I have to promote my business, yet over the last 4 weeks I’ve been devoted to writing monster big brother, kept up this blog and prepared for a craft show next week. I think it goes to show that with a bit of discipline there’s more time than you think. Or certainly more time than I thought.

Would I do it Again?

The easy answer is yes, it was a fun way to promote and I met some lovely monster makers. But I don’t know if I’d do exactly the same thing again. Maybe So You Think You Can Knit or The Real Housewives of Monsterville might be the next challenge. In any case I would definitely demand proactivity from any members of future joint promo ideas, this year I was too happy to take everything on, whereas I should have delegated more.


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