It’s My Bag (how to make little merchandise bags for craft shows)

IMG_3317You Will Need:

a pack of brown paper lunch bags

a printer

a hole punch

a ball of ribbon yarn (or ribbon, but the ribbon yarn will be cheaper) or you could use string if you were desperate

a flat surface

an aptitude for crafting

1. Print whatever you want on your bag. Here’s some tips to help you with that:

– Keep it simple, whatever you print on it it’s still going to be a brown paper bag, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Also, the bags tend to wrinkle when you print them, if you have a complex design it’s more likely to show these flaws.

– Print your design on the side without the seam

– Before you put the bag in the printer fold down the flap made by the bottom of the bag, otherwise it will get stuck.

– Print close to the bottom of the bag

– Your word processing software has templates for envelopes, one of them will be close enough to the size of the bag so you won’t have to set margins and work out paper sizes

2. Fold the top of the bag inside on itself at about an inch and a half depth. This is approximate. I don’t have time to measure every last fold for 100 bags. If they’re not exactly the same height I don’t think it will matter. It could even be an advantage if you have different sized merchandise.

3. Make sure the fold is straight, use a flat surface and your crafty eyes, fold the bag flat again to double check.

4. Fold the top of the bag inside on itself again, this time it’s easier because you have your previous fold as a guide.

5. Punch two holes in each side of the bag to loop the ribbon handles through. Once again, no time to measure so use your crafty-sense and the design on the bag to work out where to punch the holes.

6. Cut two equal lengths of ribbon yarn, feed each one through the holes to make the handles and secure with a knot.

Easy and at $2 for the bags and $4 for the ribbon yarn it’s a LOT cheaper than the other options I’ve seen online. I’ll be securing the bags closed with little metallic stickers from my secret stash of stickers for well behaved toddlers, so they will have a touch of glamour.



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4 responses to “It’s My Bag (how to make little merchandise bags for craft shows)

  1. Brilliant! I’ll definitely be trying this out! 🙂

  2. jennmaruska

    Great idea! : )

  3. Brilliant! I will be making some tomorrow! Thank you for sharing!

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