Toddler Reading List – Trucks

Every Friday morning I read stories and sing songs with a group of toddlers at Cover to Cover, the local bookstore. This week our theme is trucks.

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk – The people who wrote and illustrated the phenomenally popular Chugga Chugga Choo Choo turn their attention to trucks and the result is strange and wonderful. It’s a counting book (sort of) with mid-line rhymes and a strange jerky rhythm which takes a little getting used to. The illustrations show a truck full of bones being slowly emptied by small indeterminate dessert creatures whilst it’s dog driver’s try to get the truck out of a hole. It is an odd book and yet my son requests it frequently. Perhaps because it’s so unconventional, it’s more interesting to read.

B is for Bulldozer by June Sobel and Melissa Iwai .We can find all the letters of the alphabet on this construction site and the last page gives us a great and eXciting surprise.

Melvin Might? by Jon Scieszka, David Shannon, David Gordon, and Loren Long. Melvin the cement mixer is worried about everything, but he has to save little Rita, can he try? One of the Trucktown series, this is a great book about trying your best and having a good mix of courage and caution in your life.

Tractor Trouble. A little board book about a cow who thinks she can drive a tractor and the chaos that ensues. This one is not available to buy, unfortunately as it is published by UK retailer Marks & Spencer. Good old M&S 🙂

Red Truck byKersten Hamilton and Valeria Petrone. A red tow truck comes to the rescue of a school bus in this super simple book with great colourful illustrations.

We’ll be singing the Tractor song, the Wheels on the Truck and The More We Get Together.

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