Toddler Reading List – Art

Every Friday morning I read to a group of toddlers at Cover to Cover, the local book store. This week the theme is Art

Big Blue Spot by Peter Holwitz. The big blue spot doesn’t do much, but one day he decides to go looking through the book  for a friend, he needs our help though, to tip the book so that he can drip across the pages. This is a beautiful book by a local author which always holds the toddler’s attention. It’s also rare for a book to be so interactive.

Bear’s Painting by Daniel Pinkwater. A fantastically silly lesson in art appreciation. A bear paints a picture and two fine (cubist) fellows come by to tell him what’s wrong with it. But the painting is not for them, it’s for the bear. The colours are bright and engaging and the fine fellows come to a quietly sticky end.

The Colours of Us by Karen Katz . A budding artist thinks that brown is brown, until she notices the different skin tones of all her friends. Then she paints them all. It’s a simple concept which connects various skin tones with descriptive tastes such as chocolate, cinamon and coffee. A real boundary crosser with a great melting pot message.

Mousepaint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Three white mice learn a lesson in camouflage after excitedly playing with bright coloured paints. A classic book about mixing colours and avoiding cats.

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. A deserving classic about how far you can go with a purple crayon and your imagination. The deserving porcupine is one of the best characters in preschool literature.

We’ll be singing Rainbow, Jenny Jenkins and a I saw a Mouse.


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  1. Looks like a great list of books. I’ll have to search for them at our library. Thanks for sharing. What other themes have you done? I used to do a story time at my husband’s Starbucks and we did themes like colors, seasons, bugs, monsters, music and sports.

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