Toddler Reading List – Dinosaurs

Every Friday I read stories and sing songs to toddlers at the Cover to Cover local bookstore. This week our theme is dinosaurs…roar!

Dinosaur vrs Bedtime by Bob Shea. The little dinosaur in this book is pretty resourceful, he wins out against a pile of leaves, a bowl of spaghetti and even some talking grownups, but can he win against his greatest foe. Bedtime. The stars around the illustrations when the diosaur wins always make me want to say “ta-dah”, so when I’m reading it aloud, that’s just what I do.

Dinosaur Roar by Paul & Henrietta Strickland. A great opposites book with some happy friendly dinosaurs in it. I love the unconventional opposites too, like “clean and slimy” or “spiky and lumpy”.  It makes a nice change from “up and down”.

How do Dinosaurs Eat their Food? by Jane Yollen & Mark Teague. One of the longer books in this popular series, this one deals with toddler table manners. It’s a list book, but the illustrations are very detailed and engaging, if you search the picture you should find the dinosaur’s scientific name, trodden underfoot, or stuck to the fridge.

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields. The dinosaurs are having a party and what a party it is, it goes on well past the late Cretaceous. This is one of those great bouncy rhyme children’s books that sneaks in complex words and concepts so that the first time the child hears the words Triassic and Cenozoic it’s definitely in a fun context. Of course it also has a lot of dinosaur names too.

A Dinosaur Called Tiny by Alan Durant. Poor Tiny the dinosaur has problems, the other dinosaurs are much larger and meaner than him, luckily he finds another tiny friend and together they manage to help a young Tyranosaurus out of trouble. I’m a big fan of any books where the bullies are defeated using non-conventional methods. Tiny is a kind dinosaur and in the end that kindness makes him a hero.

I’ll be singing “Dinosaurs Marching” (which is just the Ants go Marching, but with dinosaurs), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Open Shut Them.

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