What is Monster Big Brother and Why Should I Care?

These are both excellent questions, but I’ll start with the “What?”

Monster Big Brother is a promotional idea which occured to me whilst watching the Twitter trending topics go Big Brother mad last Thursday. That was when the UK Big Brother housemates went into the house. Big Brother is big news in the UK, even if you don’t watch it, the housemates will be on magazine covers and sometimes in news stories.

I thought that I could ride a little of the big brother wave and pick up some new visitors to my shop if I started Monster Big Brother. At first I just wanted to put my monsters in a cardboard house, but inspired by Croy Devenish-Phibbs and a great novel I just read about co-operative art and guerrilla warfare (yes really) I decided to ask other Etsy monster makers if they wanted to help. They did.

Currently there are 12 monsters in a virtual Big Brother style house, over the next few weeks they will be subject to tantrums, tears, minor struggles, arguments, a bit of romance and a little oddness. These will all be reported through the blog. http://monsterbigbrother.blogspot.com Next week I hope to have the first eviction, which will be achieved by a blog poll.

and now the “Why should I care?

Well, why not. It’s pretty silly and irreverent and I hope it’s fun to read.

I also think that it’s important for the handmade movement to find it’s own promotional tools and to create new ways to use them. The social networking sites are a great base for something like this. It’s also a powerful feeling to be able to work with other creative folks, like the other monster makers who are helping to write the Monster Big Brother blog.

So, if you’re an Etsy artisan you may be able to learn something from this experiment in promotion. If not from what we do, then maybe from our mistakes.

Please follow the Monster Big Brother blog and watch the dramatic experiment unfold (on both levels).


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One response to “What is Monster Big Brother and Why Should I Care?

  1. Katie Piatt

    Will be interesting to see if evictions/winners generate sales for the relevant monsters. Certainly helps to create a bond between (potential) purchaser and the item! Feel like Ganymede already has quite a personality…!

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