Who Are The Handmade Monster Big Brother Housemates?

Monster Big Brother starts today!


Follow the blog over the next few weeks, for tasks, evictions, tantrums, friends and family and a possible smidgen of romance. Go on, you know you want to.


So who are the 12 housemates? Here’s a quick rundown for those of you who missed them going in to the house earlier:

Lurly Jack. He is a screamer so it should make for some interesting drama with him in the house. Lurly Jack can be a good friend but will always speak his mind. He is worried about how his teeth will look on camera but he knows his hair will look fabulous.

Ganymede, he’s very uncoordinated and shy. He hopes he’ll meet some interesting monsters in the house and that no-one says he’s “horny”. He hates that.

Cthuhlu. He’s in the house to raise awareness about tentacles “I’m fed up with people thinking tentacles are always part of weird Japanese porn”

Swannie, she’s a sweet monster who loves to giggle and hide in dresser drawers and cupboards.

Mabel loves drawing great danes, eating rootbeer candy and brushing her teeth. Madeline loves swimming, sewing up new quilts, and growing new plants.

Marvin’s a little exuberant. Ok, a lot exuberant. Ok, he’s maybe a bit of a spaz. And he’s very sorry about that whole thing with the cat. I’d give him a shot of whiskey to calm him down, but you do NOT want to see him drunk…seriously. Aw, lookit him though, you just can’t stay mad at that face!

Terrence is really the kind of guy who enjoys a nice sunset, walks on the beach and a can of baked beans. He has a minor penchant for stolen socks but also tends to lose the ones he collects.  Terrence once dreamed of being a news anchor but his side-bite – common to his sub-species of monster – proved to be too great to correct so he chose to go into radio DJing instead.

Kelvin likes to let his mum think he’s a bad boy but, while she thinks he’s out up to no good, he’s actually spending his evenings rescuing cats from trees and helping old ladies across the street.

Hector is a Monstrochaussette, a sock monster. He likes Honey and Disco music.

Ratu thinks he’s a nocturnal creature, so he tries to stay up all night, every night. For the record, he’s not really nocturnal. So he’ll crash out around 11:45 and be really mad at himself in the morning.

Morris hates Mondays…in fact he hates everyday…and his job…and ties…and scratchy cardigans.

Stripey Cthulhu claims he’s the cuddliest Cthulhu in all the land. He is made from a very soft wool and soy blend yarn in shades of lemon, tangerine, melon, pistachio and graham cracker. His ginormous eyeball is a lovely shade of sparkling spring green.

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