“Eggwins are so cute”

So says my son as he bounces his knit chicks around the house. We call them Eggwins, because that’s what they were first called until I worked out that you must call a thing exactly what it is in order to make it findable on Etsy.


As you can see, these were experimental Knit Chicks, the eyes are a bit wonky and the dark blue one is actually sewn together inside out. I just wanted to show how resiliant these little guys are. My son has been playing with them for six months now, when they’re not being thrown, bounced or squished, they are unceremoniously stuffed in the toy box. And yet those beaks and tails are still firmly attached.

I’ve also recently sold a Knit Chick and nest to a friend for her son who’s the same age as my son. Apparently this Chick is a wagon driver and survives every wagon crash.

I think we can officially call these birds fully stress tested. Buy one for your toddler today!


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