Spring Spider Special

So here’s the deal. There’s free shipping on all the spiders in the shop (including the brown “Big Hairy Spider”) until the end of May when the listings are due to expire. That’s free shipping anywhere in the world. Just $9 each for a one of a kind cuddly critter. Go on, you know you want to.


These cuddly arachnids are named Weird and Gillie and I’m actually very surprised that they haven’t had more attention from Bowie fans.

They are named after Ziggy Stardust’s band mates in David Bowie’s awesome glamrock masterpiece “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”. Perhaps I should have made them more glam, a little eye make-up and some spandex can go a long way on an insect. I also wonder whether there are really many Bowie fans in America. In Britain he’s an icon, a musical innovator and a survivor (just don’t mention Tin Machine)  but I fear that in America he’s the old guy with the cheekbones who referees the “walk off’ in Zoolander.

IMG_2070I did make a Ziggy spider too, he was extra glam, purple with a pink felt flash behind his eye. He’s sold, I had to break up the band.


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