Raven – A Dark and Poetic Treasury

Raven Treasury

I’ve just made a new Etsy Treasury. It’s the first time I’ve ever included one of my own items in a treasury, it feels a bit naughty, although it’s actually all above board. Also it’s sort of relevant as it was the knitted raven which inspired me to look for other Etsy ravens.

Even before Poe wrote his famous poem and Gothic literature made the raven synonymous with the mysterious and macabre, ravens have been central to many stories. Odin, the Norse god had two rravens he used as remote eyes and ears. The Native Americans have a creation myth involving a raven from the land of spirits dropping a stone to make the earth we live on. In other stories the raven is a trickster, a harbinger of death, an unclean creature (the last two obviously because of their attraction to carrion) and a vain and silly bird. There are Ravens who live in the grounds of the the Tower of London, legend says that if they leave, the tower will fall. There’s also the Raven and the Dove that Noah sends out from the ark.

And in real life…well there is certainly some research which suggests that the raven is very clever. And although they do have a tendancy to like munching on eyeballs there is something beautiful about them.


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